New Residence/Addition Building Permit

New Residence/Addition Building Permit

Please have the following items with your submittal so that we may expedite your permit:

  • Department of Planning and Environmental Protection (DPEP) Procedure Form and stamp on plans when applicable (i.e. all new residential construction, additions for bedrooms and baths on sewer, and additions to non-residential buildings, all commercial and industrial alterations and demolitions). A list of other types of work requiring DPEP are located at the Building Division counter at the DPEP office located at 115 South Andrews Avenue, 2nd Floor, Fort Lauderdale or check their internet site at You may be required to pay impact fees. DPEP determines the amount of the impact fees.
  • For waterfront properties, 2 signed and sealed letters from an engineer regarding the condition of the seawall and that it can support the added upland improvements of the new single family house or homes that are adding or remodeling 50% or more.
  • If the permit is being applied for by the owner of the property as a builder, then an Owner/Builder Affidavit must be completed and notarized.
  • Permit applications signed and notarized for each discipline of work (i.e. building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical). The application must clearly state the work that will be performed. The permit will be issued only for the work described on the application form.
  • Three sets of drainage plans for new single family houses or homes that are adding or remodeling 50% or more.
  • Two recent surveys (less than 1 year old) A survey is a document sealed by a professional land surveyor certifying the elevations, setbacks, property lines, and size of the lot. If the survey was done more than one year ago, you will need to submit a Zoning Affidavit signed by the owner that certifies that no changes or improvements to the property have occurred since the date of the latest survey.
  • Two sets of energy calculations including heating and cooling load calculations.
  • Two sets of plans, if applicable, signed and sealed by a professional engineer/architect. Plans should clearly indicate the work to be performed.
  • Two sets of Product Approvals (PAs) for sheds, doors, all glass, roofs, PVC fences, and all types of shutters. Product approvals must be signed by the Designer of record.
  • Two sets of soil density tests for new single family houses or houses adding more than 50%.
  • Two sets of Structural Calculations performed by a professional engineer are required.
  • Two sets of truss plans for new houses or new roof structures.

Fire or Storm Damage

In the event of a fire or storm damage at your residence, please be aware that building permits may be required before repairs are made. Please call the Building Department at 954-943-6509 before work begins. We will make every effort to expedite any required permits so that repairs can be made as quickly as possible.

Additional Information

If there are any doubts as to whether a permit is required or any questions regarding submitting a permit, please call the Building Department at 954-943-6509 between 8 am and 4 pm. Monday through Friday.

All permit applications and required affidavits are available online.

Not all of these items may pertain to your permit. Call the Building Department, 954-943-6509, if you have any questions.