Code Enforcement


If your situation is an emergency and requires immediate assistance before or after our normal business hours, on weekends, or holidays, please contact Lighthouse Point Police Department at 954-942-8080.

Submit a Code Violation

As a result of the passage of CS/SB 60, the City is now prohibited from initiating any code enforcement investigations based upon an anonymous complaint, unless the complaint is for a violation that presents an imminent threat to the public health, safety, or welfare, or the destruction of habitat or sensitive resources. Complainants must now provide their name and address to the City before a complaint can be investigated by the City's code enforcement department. This prerequisite applies to all code enforcement actions brought under Chapters 162 or 166, Florida Statutes, including citations. The information provided by the complainant, including their name and address, is a public record unless any applicable exemptions to the public disclosure of their protected information apply.