Public Works

Contractors & Lawn Services Must Remove Yard Trash & Clippings

City of Lighthouse Point Code Section 74-33 requires that construction contractors and landscape maintenance providers dispose of all debris generated by their work.

Right Tree Right Place

For the health of your trees and the reliability of your electric service, give your trees ample room to grow without interfering with power lines or equipment.

View more information on planting trees in the right place.

Tree Removal/Relocation

It is recommended that the assistance of a state licensed arborist assist with any tree removal/relocation.

To obtain further information about the removal/relocation application process or to schedule a tree removal/relocation inspection, contact the Broward County Tree Preservation Program Administrator at 954-519-1483.

Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department
Environmental Engineering and Permitting Division
1 N University Drive
Plantation, FL 33324

Phone: 954-519-1483

Tree Removal and Relocation - Know the Regulations (PDF)

Report Tree Abuse please contact the Environmental Complaint Hotline at 954-519-1499.

Drainage System Maintenance

The City has a system of canals and storm drains for stormwater management purposes. They are maintained on a regular basis by the Public Works Department. These drains are of vital importance since the water flowing through them not only drains our city, but also the area to the west of us.


State and city law prohibit dumping into these waterways.

Violations should be reported to any of the following departments:

  • Code Enforcement - 954-784-3409
  • Police 954-942-8080
  • Public Works - 954-946-7386

Watering Schedule

Twice Per Week:

  • Even Number Addresses - Thursday and Sunday
  • Odd Number Addresses - Wednesday and Saturday

Watering will be permitted between midnight and 10 am, or between 4 pm and 11:59 pm.