Library Advisory Board


  • Nancy Cohen, Chair
  • Victoria Anderson
  • Carolyn Bergamini
  • Mary D’Angelo
  • Linda Hinkle
  • James L. Neff
  • Sandra Trentacoste

(Ch. 2, Sec. 2-281 through 2-286, City Code of Ordinances)

Date of Creation:

The Library Advisory Board was created by Ordinance No. 378 and approved by the City Commission on April 12, 1977.

Purpose of the Board:

The Board members review and recommend to the City Commission donations and other gratuities or services offered to the library system; promote and solicit such donations, etc.; review and propose necessary changes in fees, charges, fines, and forfeitures; coordinate with other agencies to develop balanced educational resources; review book selections with the Library Director; make recommendations relating to general policies; review the operation of the Library and displays and exhibits offered for use at the Library; approve all requests by organizations and individuals for use of the Library; conduct periodic surveys of community needs relating to the library system; prepare and submit annual report and proposed budget; make recommendations to the City Commission pertaining to employment and compensation; establish rules and regulations for operation and maintenance of the library system.

Membership and Member Qualifications:

Seven members, appointed by the City Commission.  Members must be residents of Lighthouse Point.  Members are appointed to a one-year term and may be reappointed for successive terms; vacancies are filled for the remainder of an unexpired term.   The Board elects from its members a Chairman and other officers as it deems necessary.  

Meeting Schedule:

Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Library Community Room in the City Hall complex, 2200 NE 38 Street.