What can I do about speeding vehicles on my street?

Contact the Police Department and inform the dispatcher that you have a traffic complaint. We will respond by:

  1. Surveying the street using a traffic counter to evaluate the problem.
  2. In most cases we will assign a digital display to inform the speeders of their actual speed.
  3. Traffic enforcement with radar and citations will be assigned several hours per day.
  4. A follow-up survey will be conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts.

Most of the traffic enforcement conducted by our officers is directly in response to specific complaints or traffic hazards. Unfortunately, our valued residents sometimes receive citations for the very traffic infractions that they have complained about. We realize that traffic citations are expensive and upsetting to most people. We have found, however, that they are an important part of our total enforcement concept. Be aware that these citations are not revenue producing for the City. Very little of this money goes directly to the City of Lighthouse Point.

If you do receive a citation that you think is unfair, refer to the back of the citation for directions as to how to challenge the citation in court.

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