How can I pick up my vehicle if it has been towed?

Impounded Vehicles

To get a vehicle out of impound, the registered owner of the vehicle must come to the Police Department at 3701 NE 22 Avenue.

The following documents must be brought to the police department to receive a vehicle release from the Stationhouse Officer at the front desk.

  • Driver’s License
  • Registration for the vehicle
  • After the Stationhouse Officer has checked all documents, you will be required to sign a vehicle release form. This form contains general information about you and your vehicle.

Tow Sheet

The Lighthouse Point Police Department contracts with Lighthouse Auto to impound vehicles at the request of police. You will be given a Tow sheet which contains directions to Lighthouse Auto and general fees. All fees are set by Lighthouse Auto and are payable to same.

If a registered owner would like someone other than themself to pick up a vehicle, he/she will need to complete a letter stating who will be given power of attorney to do so. The letter must identify the person being given permission to obtain the vehicle, description of the vehicle, and must be formally witnessed by a notary.

If you parked your vehicle on private property and the vehicle is towed by the owner of the property; look in the area where you parked the vehicle for a tow-away sign. If you locate a sign it should tell you the towing company’s name and telephone number. If you cannot locate this information, you can contact the Lighthouse Point Police Department at 954-942-8080. The call taker should be able to assist you with locating your vehicle. When your vehicle is towed in this manner it is not a police matter, it is a civil matter, and the fees are assessed by the company that towed your vehicle.

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