Environmental Accomplishments

The role of our City is to lead and provide an example for all to follow. Here in Lighthouse Point (LHP) we are protective of our environment - for our quality of life depends on our stewardship.


  • Certified Wildlife Habitat - 5th City in Florida
  • City Sprinkler System replaced with low flow and shutoffs
  • City-wide Recycling Day (Environmental Day)
  • Clean-up Runoff - Our new drainage projects clean the stormwater runoff before it enters our canals and ocean to protect those waters
  • Emerald Award for Environmental Excellence by Broward County
  • First LEED Certified Residential Home in Broward County
  • Fuel - Utilizing smaller fuel efficient vehicles where possible and reducing the idle time
  • Green Technology Sports Field Lighting replacement at Frank McDonough Park and Dan Witt Park
  • Installed Solar Street and Parking Lot Lighting
  • Offer Free Sprinkler Surveys to reduce water consumption
  • Pervious Paver System - Returns clean ground water to the soil below rather than runoff
  • Recycled Water - LHP has been using Recycled water for irrigation on our Federal Highway medians for years and is now attempting to use the recycled water within the City
  • Top recycling City in Broward per capita
  • Tree City USA
  • Use of Hybrid vehicles for Code Assistance personnel