Local Business Tax


A Local Business Tax License is a tax for the privilege of engaging in or managing any business, profession, or occupation within the commercially zoned City districts. Once obtained, the local business tax license must be renewed annually on or before October 1st. Effective January 1, 2007, the Florida Legislature enacted legislation which changed the name from "Occupational License Tax" to "Local Business Tax." 

Prior to opening a business within the City of Lighthouse Point, you must contact the Planning and Zoning Official at 954-943-6509 to determine whether a particular business use is permitted within the commercially-zoned districts.

Getting Started

You may apply for a Local Business Tax License between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday, in the City Clerk’s Office. If you require assistance completing your Local Business Tax Application, or if you have any questions regarding the renewal process, please contact us at 954-943-6500.

Application Process

When an original application for a local business tax license is submitted to the City Clerk’s Office with the appropriate required paperwork, it is processed and forwarded for approval to the following departments: Building/Zoning, Fire Department, Code Enforcement, Police Department, and City Administrator. 

Once the application has been reviewed and approved by each department, it is returned to the Office of the City Clerk for final approval. Each applicant will be notified by telephone or email when their application has been approved and of the amount due. The fees can be mailed or dropped off in person at the City Clerk’s Office. Once payment has been received, we will issue the license.


The submission of an application for the local business tax license does not guarantee automatic approval. Each application must be approved by all appropriate City departments.

Issued Licenses

Listed in numeric order, by address. Business Tax Licenses issued through August 2023 (PDF)