Administrative Services

Office of the Chief

The Police Department is under the general administration and direction of the Chief of Police. The Chief is appointed by, and directly responsible to the Mayor. The Chief of Police is also responsible for the efficient conduct and operation of the Police Department, to ensure conformity to department policies and procedures and the enforcement of all laws and ordinances of the City.

Internal Affairs

The Internal Affairs Section is responsible for investigating complaints of police misconduct and violations of department polices and procedures. The Professional Standards Commander oversees all internal affairs investigations and he reports directly to the Chief of Police.


The Accreditation Manager is responsible for establishing and maintaining compliance with more than 270 professional standards designed specifically for Florida law enforcement agencies. This unit’s main focus is to maintain up to date policies and practices of the agency; enhance capabilities in the prevention and control of crime; increase effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of services; and increase cooperation with the community and other law enforcement agencies.

Personnel & Training

The Personnel & Training Unit has two major responsibilities: the hiring of personnel for the Police Department, and the training of new and tenured personnel for the police department. This Unit also maintains detailed records of personnel training and certification.

Media Relations

The Department Public Information Officer (PIO) fosters cooperation and mutual respect between the Department and the news media. The Department understands the importance of using the media as a valuable resource to educate and inform the public. The role of the PIO is to assist members of the media in gathering information and reporting on news events impacting residents and visitors of the City.

Asset Forfeiture

Members of the Department are responsible for seizing currency or assets purchased with proceeds from illegal activity or assets, which were used in the commission of illegal activities. Investigators work closely with Federal, State and local prosecutors assisting whenever possible in the financial aspects of these cases. The proceeds from these forfeited assets oftentimes are used to support the police function.

Alarm Ordinance Enforcement

The Department tracks residential and business alarm permits and false alarm calls for service. The false alarm ordinance is designed to minimize the unnecessary use of police resources by fining offenders for repeat false alarm activations.

Information Technology

Developing integrated strategic information systems to support and improve Department productivity and effectiveness is the main focus of our Information Technology Unit. This Unit ensures network continuity, integrity, maintenance, and optimum performance of computer equipment and software. Along with research and development of innovative approaches to information management, this Unit also maintains the Department website.


The Records Unit is responsible for compiling, maintaining, and disseminating information from Department records concerning reported crimes, arrests, traffic, property, bicycles, and missing persons. This Unit coordinates records management functions for the entire Department, including the proper purging of records and property according to State Statute.