Volunteer Program

The Lighthouse Point Police Department has a very active volunteer program. Chief Ross Licata, a strong believer in citizen volunteerism, has expanded the  volunteer program with emphasis on a Citizen Observer Patrol program. The concept of volunteers patrolling the city in marked police vehicles provides a great resource for officers and the public and serves as an additional crime prevention initiative to help make our community a safer place for all to live.

The volunteers provide an invaluable service to the Police Department and the community. These volunteers are the “eyes and ears” of the Department, reporting suspicious activity to police officers via the police radio. With the expansion of the volunteer program, citizens will be asked to participate in the newly formed Citizen Volunteer Roving Patrol, Traffic and Speed Monitoring program, providing staff support (assisting with the daily operations of the Department), assisting at special community events, and supporting our Marine Patrol function.


Before heading out on patrol, the citizen volunteers are provided with in-depth training, uniforms and equipment. A police cruiser marked with Citizen Patrol markings and a yellow light bar has been transformed into a Citizen Roving Patrol vehicle and was made available for our volunteers. We are actively recruiting volunteers in support of our Roving Patrol program.


The ultimate goal of the combined effort is to reduce crime and help the citizens of Lighthouse Point feel secure in their community. Additionally, citizens cooperation with the Police Department puts persons committing crimes on notice that people will not only support their Police Department in fighting crime but are actively working with police to help prevent it. This collective effort will help in the discovery and reporting of crime, as well as in the apprehension of violators of the law in Lighthouse Point.

Opportunities to Serve and Support

Volunteers aid in the overall efficiency of the organization to reduce and solve crime. Volunteers are not utilized to replace sworn or other paid positions within the Lighthouse Point Police Department, but rather to enhance the efficiently of the agency. 

Why Volunteer?

  • To learn more about law enforcement
  • To develop your job skills
  • To help your community
  • To make new friends and contacts
  • To help your Police Department fight crime

Who is qualified to volunteer?

  • Men and women 18 years of age or older
  • All law abiding citizens of Lighthouse Point
  • Those candidates who successfully meet the selection criteria of the Lighthouse Point Police Department Volunteer Program application process

Where do Volunteers work?

  • In the Patrol and Investigative Divisions of the Lighthouse Point Police Department
  • In the community
  • At special events

Volunteers are currently serving the Lighthouse Point Police Department in a wide range of capabilities including Citizen Roving Patrols, Traffic Monitoring and Marine Patrol. Positions are available during normal business hours Monday through Friday and on evening and weekend hours.

Volunteer Areas Include:

  • Citizen Roving Patrol program
  • Staff Support (fingerprinting)
  • Investigative Aid in the Criminal Investigations Division
  • Professional Standards (training assistant/data entry duties)
  • Reception Desk Assistant (welcoming and directing visitors)
  • Special Project Volunteer (fill-in for absent staff, work on annual reports)
  • Volunteer Program Assistant
  • Records Assistant
  • Alarms Coordinator Assistant

The Citizen Observer Program (C.O.P)  is comprised of community volunteers who help police maintain livable neighborhoods by reducing crime. The City of Lighthouse Point recognize that the cornerstone of Community Oriented Policing is a strong partnership between the citizens and the police.

Citizen Observer Program members serve as additional “eyes and ears” of the Lighthouse Point Police Department. The C.O.P. members perform crime watch duties and alert the Police Department of hazards and unlawful behavior. C.O.P. members have no law enforcement authority. Through the increased visibility of its specially marked vehicles, the C.O.P. helps deter criminal activity.

The Citizen Observer Program members are trained to observe and report suspected criminal activity, but to never actively confront a situation. Each C.O.P. member is given training that focuses on the C.O.P.’s primary function, to look and listen only, and what to look for (e.g. signs of burglary, vandalism, suspicious activity). Additional training focuses on reporting procedures.

Requirement for Membership

To be accepted into the program applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be in good physical condition and of good moral character
  • Possess a valid Florida Drivers License and not have an excessive driving violation history
  • Complete a volunteer application
  • Successfully pass a background and criminal history check
  • Successfully pass an oral interview
  • Upon completion of training, volunteers donate at least 12 hours a month serving as additional “eyes and ears”

The City of Lighthouse Point welcomes inquiries and applications from citizens ready to make a difference.